Tow and Mow - Twin 1270

Tow and Mow – Twin 1270

Twin 1270

The Twin Series features the wheels positioned on the side of the Tow and Mow, where the Hort Series has them positioned behind.

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Tow and Mow - Twin 1000


This has eliminated the need for belts and pulleys on a single engine setup. Very few parts result in a very simple solution.


Even if the grass is knee height, the Tow and Mow is designed to handle this but you may need to travel slower. It depends on how dense your pasture is.


The engines are offset which means they have a cutting overlap of 25mm (1 inch) ensuring there is no belts or timing necessary! Simple!


Construction is 4mm thick, high grade steel which is zinc sprayed and then powdercoated.

Tow and Mow – Twin 1270

The Tow and Mow Twin series is more suitable for undulating, rough grounds and all-terrain topping. This is because the wheels are in line with the engines which reduce potential ground scalping when cutting low. Top your paddocks at up to 15 km/hr (9 mph) with the Tow and Mow – this means you can cover up to 1 hectare (2.5 acres) in just 35 minutes with the 1270 model. Easily adjust the cutting height from 30mm (1.25”) up to 180mm (7”) by just winding a handle at the rear of the machine. No locking pins or heavy adjustment required, just wind it up for travelling between jobs and then back into position for mowing.

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Additional information

Weight 215 kg
Dimensions 138 × 183 × 75 cm
Cut Width

50 inches

Engine Model

2 x Briggs and Stratton – 850 Series

Engine Horsepower

2 x 6hp = 12hp

Height Adjustment

30mm – 180mm (1.25" – 7")

Size Assembled

7ft 5" x 5ft 8" x 2ft (L x W x H)

Size Crated

4ft 6" x 6ft x 2ft 6" (L x W x H)

Weight Uncrated

365 lbs

Weight Crated

475 lbs

Jockey Wheel


Electric Key Start


Tow Hitch

50mm Coupling


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Tow and Mow – Twin 1270

£3,075.68 +VAT

NOTICE: This product is on back order and will be dispatched when stock is available.